Website Design For small businesses

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Simple and Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is simple: a one time onboarding fee of $99 + ongoing management.

Our plan has add-ons to completely meet your needs.

Applies to 10 pages or less sites

Frequently asked questions

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What is the mechanism for our comments & approval for the initial update?
  • Design the homepage first to get it where you want
  • Once homepage is approved, we will move on with the rest of the site
  • Schedule final website presentation
  • After the final presentation, we give you one week of free changes to make sure the site is exactly what you want.
What is the expected time to complete once you have all the information?
  • We have a maximum turnaround time of 2 weeks once we have all of the information needed for the site.
Do you provide a template for each page to assist in updating the info?
  • We will provide you with a content worksheet that will provide us with most of the information we need. That can be typed and sent via email to our tech team.
What counts as 2 changes per month?
  • Update Pictures
  • Update Content

Essentially making changes to anything on current pages built by Feedom Sites USA

Adding a completely new page (excluding a blog, blogs are included in our SEO packages) completed at our hourly rate